We are frequently asked many of the same questions. You can most likely find an answer here. Please take a moment to read all information below before contacting Buried Diamond directly. Thank you!

I saw your charms online, where can I buy them?

Charms are currently sold in my shop. If you don't see any handmade charms for sale in my shop, they are sold out. 

How can I find out when you will re-stock your shop with charms?

The best way to know when my shop is restocked is to follow @BuriedDiamond on Instagram. Not all items shown in social media will end up in the shop. I post images to social media and the caption will tell you that items are going to the shop. Please read the caption. Leading up to a re-stock, I will provide an exact date and time of the shop being filled with charms and other goodies. Note that time! Set an alarm! I will stock the shop at the moment I indicate! I am in New York, where our timezone is Eastern Standard Time, USA.

I would like to comission a custom order or have you hold/reserve an item for me.

Buried Diamond does not accept custom orders or reserve items.

How do you make your charms / what are charms made out of?

Charms are sculpted from an artist's grade polymer clay. They are hand painted, varnished, and coated in clear, super shiny resin on flat surfaces only (front and back - sides have 2 coats of varnish). Then gold tone and gold plated hardware are attached as the finishing touches. All stages are done by hand without the aid of any machines. 

Can I tour your studio? Can I interview you?

If you would like to interview Martha for a blog or publication, please contact us. The Buried Diamond studio is available for visits, however we are not able to accomodate all requests.

I want to collaborate with you! I want to license your designs!

Buried Diamond loves to collaborate! Please contact us with as many details about your brand and proposal as possible. Additionally, Martha works as a consultant for a wide range of brands and can be hired to consult or design.