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Hi, I’m Martha. You may know me better as my internet pseudonym Buried Diamond.

I grew up sewing my own clothes, making jewelry, and dabbling in ceramics. These loves have grown over time. I studied Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I honed my skills of weaving, screen printing, and machine knitting. I took pattern drafting courses because my love of fabric is intertwined with my love of clothing. When I graduated in 2006, I moved to New York and immediately began working full time as a textile designer for companies including DvF, Tibi, DKNY, and Kate Spade Saturday. 

During this time, I launched my handmade jewelry brand, Buried Diamond. I set out to make the most playful, colorful, and luck-infused charms possible. I was (and continue to be) shocked at how quickly they sell out when I list new items on Etsy. I expanded the brand into manufactured jewelry, patches, stickers, silk scarfs….and much more. In 2014, Buried Diamond was successful enough for me to leave my full time job to pursue being a small business owner full time. 

Since striking out on my own, in addition to running my business, I have freelanced as a textile designer for many clients, made ceramics, and traveled internationally whenever possible….and recently, I got back into sewing. My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to sew at least one wearable garment per month. At the end of the year, I had over 40 new garments! This changed my entire creative process, and renewed my passion for making things with my own hands.

So, now it is 2019. I have pledged to sew all my own clothes this year (or at least as much as possible). I want Buried Diamond to return to the brand roots of being lovingly hand made and limited edition. I want to encourage you to make things yourself, because the satisfaction that comes from that process cannot be beat. I’m not sure what any of this looks like yet. I’m not sure how to distill myself down to a few squares on Instagram. So, I came here in hopes of expanding. Thanks for reading. Let’s get to work!