I saw your charms / hair combs on Instagram / the internet, where can I buy them?

Charms are sold exclusively in my Etsy shop. Combs are sold on Etsy and in select retail stores.  If you don’t see them in my shop, they are sold out!! These items are completely handmade by me, and these processes take time. Charms are sold more rarely these days, and I post about them here and on instagram. Combs are restocked all the time, by the hundreds! I always provide an exact date & time of when my shop will be stocked. If you’re ready right at that time, you should be able to snag something.

How can I find out when you will re-stock your shop?

I post work in progress photos on Instagram, however, not all items shown in social media will end up in the shop (I also do pop ups). I post images to social media (especially Instagram Stories!) with information in the caption. Leading up to a shop re-stock, I will provide an exact date and time of the shop being filled with charms and other goodies. That date will be posted to Instagram and sent out via my mailing list. Note that time! Set an alarm! I will stock the shop at the moment I indicate. All times posted are for Eastern Standard Time, USA.

Can you please make me a custom order / special order / reserved listing / hold items for me?

No, Buried Diamond does not accept custom orders or reserve/hold items. I sew clothing only for myself. No exceptions.

I want to learn how to sew, or how to improve my existing sewing skills. How can I do this?

Sewing is a skill like any other, and practice makes perfect! Each dress I make is better than the last (lol ok sometimes I just make a dud). My biggest recommendation is to start small and build on your skills. If you stick with it, you will get better and better. I am still learning too, so I’ll update this answer over time.

Can I use images from your Blog / Tumblr / Etsy / Instagram / etc.?

All original content created by me, Martha Porter, and by Buried Diamond LLC, which are posted to this website, instagram, or any other place on the internet are copyright protected by Buried Diamond LLC. This copyright applies to the image even if it is illegally re-posted by a third party without credit. Images may not be used without express written permission from Buried Diamond. If you are writing an article, feature, or blog post, please email to attain permission. Buried Diamond images may not be used on any third party products or advertisements under any circumstances.