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My last blog post is from 2015. What happened? A lot, I think! Since then, I’ve moved apartments and art studios twice, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve made literally thousands of pieces of jewelry, sewn many of my own clothes, I’ve filled a juicy stack of sketchbooks, and I’ve visited the UK, France, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and Turkey. I’m probably forgetting something important, but here are a few little snapshots.

At some point, having an online audience started making me anxious, so I started limiting what I posted. I still am not sure if it’s ok to share things on the @BuriedDiamond instagram that aren’t for sale - Buried Diamond is a brand, after all. But I want to share more than photos of hand made charms and colorful candies. I’d like my online presence to have more dimension, and to more accurately reflect who I am in real life. I created a personal instagram account, and it feels more intimate and comfortable to me to share sewing, travel, and bits of life there.

So now I am circling back to this blog. In 2018 I started writing as a way of documenting my creative process beyond just in photographs. In our image-focused world, it feels good to slow down and explain what I am doing, and why - often just for myself. It’s a new year, and I’d like to stick to it. I’m ready to design new jewelry and textiles, to sew more clothes, and to travel the world. I’ll do my best to share what I get up to with you here. XO